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  It is a real joy to help others to discover their own painting passion.

  I teach workshops in oils and pastels.

what is the motivation?

how can I learn to paint?

 I am passionate about painting, my favourite subject is people- in particular portraits.

Commissions are a speciality.

The process of painting a portrait is like a conversation.

To see past the social facade, to have a small insight into the story of a life is such a privilege.

 Living on the coast in the south east of Australia, inspires me to paint people in and around the water, their involvement in everyday activities.

 To capture the fleeting movement, the light, a feeling of a day at the beach.

 I exhibit my paintings in regional galleries and have had my portraits published in a national art magazine.

drawing from life?

Drawing and painting from life is the

basis for my portraits.

  This helps me understand the structure and colour to use for a portrait.

Photos are used to help the process of time

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